Benefits You Need To Know Before Installing  TPO Flat Roofs

Benefits of TPO Flat Roofs

Among maximum roofing systems, the most desirable one is TPO today; Commercial premises mostly prefer a flat roofing system than a sloped roof. When it comes right down to flat roofing, TPO is best considered. TPO membrane is the fastest growing roofing and is best considered by commercial establishments. Being a single-ply roofing product, TPO holds the virtues of flexibility and easy installation moreover TPO is most demanded when it is the question of energy-efficient roofing. Before investing in TPO for your flat roofs or commercial premises you should be aware of the reasons you must choose TPO for.

All you need to know about TPO Flat Roofs!

Thermoplastic Polyolefin, widely known as TPO is the most common roofing material today. TPO roofing holds a major share in commercial roofing. TPO is a single-layer material installed on the flat roofs. TPO includes covering the roofs with sheets bonded together to cover the whole wide space of the roof. TPO sheets vary in width and are available with the widths of 10 to 20 feet. While installation, the single-ply TPO rolls are unrolled on the entire roof and can be adhered to an adhesive, ballasted or mechanically fitted. TPO offers a cost-effecting roofing choice to the owners of the premises.

TPO Flat Roof

Why Choose TPO Flat Roofs?

If you are thinking of going for TPO for your flats roofs, then below are the reasons you can consider it for: 

1. A Wide Variety

If you want your roof to twin with your company theme or want a matching color then you can go for TPO. In TPO you can easily get a wide range of color choices. All it needs is to adhere properly.

2. Easy Installation

TPO is comparatively easy to install. The single membrane system is light in weight and protects the frame underneath the membrane. Well-flashed and nicely installed TPO can be durable and strong in the long term. TPO is strong enough to withstand extreme climates and can easily repel water. 

3. Eco-friendly 

Besides giving a pleasing appearance, TPO is energy-efficient. A ply-wood placed under a dark shade roofing can be proved to be warmer than light-colored plywood. Plywood seated under dark roofing can be 15 degrees warmer than under a light shade thereby impacting the building's HAVC mechanism. The difference in temperature forces the air conditioners to work harder to cool the premises. TPO effectively helps to manage the temperature.

4. Grease Resistance

For restaurants and cafes, TPO is the best roofing choice. Being Grease resistant, TPO has become a fave choice for the restaurant owners.  In food cafes and restaurants, the greasy air exits through chimneys and exhaust of the kitchen that often makes the roof filthy. If the grease sits on the roof for long, it can damage the expensive roofing system thereby giving birth to an unwanted expense. TPO is a material that can withstand such conditions enhancing the longevity of roofs. TPO is the best choice as it is hardly affected by grease.

5. Long Lifespan

Once installed properly, TPO rarely faces any problem. A relatively simpler maintenance process makes TPO highly affordable for both commercial premises as well as residential flat roofs. 

If it a new roof or planning for a replacement, you may go for TPO for its excellent durability and varied choices. 
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