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When we are talking about roofs, how can we forget flashing? You are installing a highly expensive and advanced roof or you are going for economical premium roofing, flashing is something that is must to do in order to avoid any gap on the exteriors. Flashing can be of chimney, curbs, skylights, soffits and facials or even doors. A thin sheet made up of impervious material used to prevent the penetration of water as well as seepage inside the building through the uncovered openings is called flashing. While covering the exteriors, flashing of important junctions like, joints between roofs, walls or projections viz. Chimneys, pipes, doors and so on is also significant. Openings if not flashed properly then can make cavities that let the water leak in thereby resulting in unwanted damage to our premises even after a good roofing and exterior.

Flashing can be embedded or exposed, exposed flashing is often made up of sheet metal and is partial exposed outside while embedded flashing is a concealed flashing, it can be made out of metal or non metal and is used as the base of a cavity wall.

What do we flash?









Flashing is primarily a covering over all of the above projections in order to protect water from entering the establishment in these vulnerable areas. Flashing is a highly skilful job to complete the roofing effectively.

Equanimity Roofing has highly skilled technicians in order to flash professionally. To know more about our services, feel free to contact us.

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