A Flat Roof is a horizontally laid roof having an under layer and the topcoat. A flat roof is a roof which is almost level, sometimes defined as less than 10 degrees pitch to the horizontal. Unlike sloped roofs, these roofs are a bit flat in nature having a slight pitch on the edges or corners. This kind of roof is best suited for commercial roofing comparatively. The slight pitch on the roof gives room to the water to flow down through the gutters. Although the flat roof is not that glamorous option as shingles are but still it holds many advantages. Equanimity Roofing have made the installation of flat roofs a lot easier. We are always in tune with the most updated and efficient technologies to do the flat roofs. Flat roofing are most commonly used on outbuildings and large structures. Flat roofs have a unique set of virtues attached.

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    Relatively cheaper in price

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    A high-grade technology

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    Versatile roofing material

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    Affordable installation

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    Advanced workforce

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    Thorough Inspection

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    High architectural appeal

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    safe to access

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EPDM Roofing

EPDM roofing is commonly referred to as rubber roofing, rubber membrane roofing, or rolled rubber roofing. It’s manufactured from a mixture of recycled tires, sawdust, and slate dust. EPDM is comparatively more expensive than other flat roof materials.

Advantages to Using EPDM Roofing

  • EPDM rubber roofing is likewise very lightweight, so the roof deck doesn’t need any sort of reinforcement. In fact, the satisfactory manner to put in this material is to strip everything proper off the roof, follow an adhesive then roll out the roofing.
  • Due to a few seams, leaks are pretty uncommon and a good high-quality EPDM roof can ultimate up to 20 years. Installers additionally have options for how they'll set up the fabric. In addition to the usage of adhesive to attach hit to the roof, there are also fasteners that can be used to anchor it in difficult to reach areas.
  • It also can be ballasted with stone, which may additionally help to enhance its longevity especially on high roofs where winds can uplift the material. This form of roofing is reasonably durable, doesn’t scratch or scuff easily, and can be easily repaired if a leak does occur.
  • Liquid roofing membranes, latex tape or adhesives, and some styles of rubber shingles can be established over the EPDM roofing to restore and patch leaks that can expand over time. And whilst the fabric is black and does soak up heat, it isn’t easily damaged by way of UV rays, which facilitates it maintain up properly in sunny climates.
EPDM Roofing
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TPO Roofing

A single-ply reflective roofing membrane is called Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO). This is a single-ply reflective roofing membrane made of polypropylene and ethylene-propylene rubber polymerized together. It is commonly established in a totally adhered or routinely connected system, allowing the white membrane to remain exposed throughout the roof life.

Fillers normally used in TPO production include, but aren't restricted to talc, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and wollastonite. Rubbers generally utilized in TPO production encompass ethylene-propylene rubber and EPDM.

Advantage of TPO

  • The biggest benefit in installing TPO roofing in your flat roof is the cost. TPO is certainly one of the most inexpensive materials on the market today, costing much less than EPDM or different varieties of rolled rubber roofing.
  • The next virtue that makes TPO so in demand is its color. This type of roofing is white on top, which can help to mirror the sun’s light and forestall heat buildup in the building.
  • TPO roofing stays a possible alternative for each residential and commercial enterprise owners, as it is particularly low in cost. On average,
  • TPO roofing is incredibly effective in resisting bacteria, particles, algae, and dirt, in addition to ultraviolet and chemical exposure. In addition to its excessive resistance to particle build-up,
  • TPO’s bendy membrane permits it to resist punctures, tears, and impact damage. Simple Setup Due to TPO’s lightweight and flexible properties, it's miles much less complicated to install, as there as fewer seams.
  • TPO unlike other types of membrane roofing does not have seams which can be left open which could weaken over time, so the fact that a bitumen roof may be seamless is a big advantage.
  • The strong performance of TPO roofing draws many homeowners, as TPO roofing produces monumental financial savings on cooling fees, and is good for the environment.
  • Installing a TPO roof on your private home or constructing will preserve the indoor temperature comfortable on summer season days.
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Modified Bitumen

If looking for longer-lasting roofing options for flat roofs then surely go for modified bitumen. Modified bitumen is a type of asphalt product that may be carried out in a number of approaches to the roof in each hot and bloodless temperature. Modified bitumen roofs have lots of benefits over other types of membrane roofing, and are often seen as the current preference to the built-up roof.

Advantages of Bitumen Roof

  • Bitumen roofs can be counted on for longer-lasting forms of flat roofing materials, lasting two decades or more. Regardless of the way the material is applied (self-adhesive sheets, hot-mopped asphalt, or cold-carried out adhesives) the seams are generally melted collectively which assist stop leaks.
  • Bitumen roof is also very durable. They have a high-tensile power so they're not going crack.
  • They are also rated in opposition to wind, fire, and hail so they maybe not going to be damaged in the occasion of a storm. Included in this is usually a very lengthy manufacturer’s warranty that can help to guarantee the roof’s longevity.
Bitumen Roof
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Ballasted Roofing

An alternative to adhered and Roofing systems is a ballasted roofing system, The use of ballast is the original method of waterproofing and utilizes dirt, sod, palm leaves, and other natural materials to shed water. These items, along with gravel and stones, are subsequently used to ballast membranes on a roof. You may choose ballasted roof systems if looking for non-penetrating roofing. Ballasted can be decorative and also be green. This roofing system is time-tested and non-combustible. Ballasted Roofing involves a quick installation of large sheets of the roof membrane efficiently and quickly at a time.

Advantage of Ballasted Roofing

  • Ballast permits the underlying roof membranes to effectively accommodate any structural constructing-movement.
  • It permits the direct utility of highly-green thermal insulation boards.
  • Since the set up is fast, it's far easier to get a quick watertight building envelope.
  • This approach the development agenda does not get hampered by delays because of inclement weather conditions.
  • It provides a totally herbal-searching surface which blends in perfectly with one-of-a-kind architectural style.
  • One may also turn the roof into an outdoor usable space like a patio.
  • Both stone & concrete are almost fireproof, and ballasted roofs provide the highest-to be had fire rating Ballasted roofs are very strong and durable.
  • It’s very clean to take-up specific patches and carry out the repair work.
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