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The roof is the most important structure for our establishments. The roof stands alone as the metaphor to shelter. All-round the year, the roof endures extreme stress and strain.

The external weather conditions are not always constant. Therefore, undergoing wear and tear is natural to your roofing. The better you invest in taking care of your roofs; the better is the protection you reserve for your shelter.

If you are looking for the high quality services for roof work in Alexandria, VA, schedule a free inspection with us now!

About the best Alexandria Roofers

Equanimity roofing has been dedicated to excellent roof services since 2004. Providing quality roof repairs in Alexandria, VA, we have always succeeded in meeting customer requirements with excellence.

Our professionalism has bagged us several awards regarding super brand quality and superior services. We have the most trustworthy roofing contractors, competent in a myriad of services from shingle, and flat roofing to siding, and gutter installations.

One of our key principles is to maintain a strong client-brand relationship by extending ethical business practices in our curriculum. We use reliable and premium roofing material like tile, wood, copper, and slate for durable roofing.

Besides the roof repairs in areas near Northern Virginia, our skilled workmen also fix leakages and equip high-end flashing in commercial and residential roofing exteriors.

Our Roofing Services in Alexandria

Roof Inspection

Equanimity roofing extends reliable assistance in terms of inspecting your roofs and advising the best solution for your roof repairs. The regular examination of roof conditions will help to abate long-term damage and higher repair costs. You can schedule an appointment for our professional roofers in Alexandria, VA, to inspect your roof for free, right now!

The timely inspection for roof thinning, leakages, disproportionate heat distribution, poor ventilation, and moisture accumulation can be beneficial in the long run. Our skilled roofers will suggest the best repair option by considering your preferences. We, as a team, love our work and celebrate our capacity in providing exceptional services to our clients which will remain untarnished for years.

Roof Installation & Replacement Services

The needs of your roof are not hidden to our professional roofers in Alexandria, VA. Equanimity craftsmen work dedicatedly to ensure the best roof repair services to your establishment. You may certainly need to replace your roof after witnessing signs of storm damage, multiple leakages, ugly worn-outs, bald or torn shingles, mosses or molds, and other serious signals of dangers. Whether it is the need for a roof replacement or roof installation, reach out to our experts now!

There may also be a need for renovating your exterior and enhancing his styles. Our professional roofers are aware of the various roof designs in demand.

We provide sturdy and resilient roof quality to ensure long-life. Be it a Victorian, Colonial, or Georgian-style home or the high roofs in Old Town; we are competent in replacing the historic roofs without altering the styles. Conversely, we also understand the needs of contemporary households and accordingly design the roofs.

Sidings in Alexandria

Sidings are central to the longevity of your homes. Our skilled roofers can now undertake the responsibility to create a beautiful and resilient siding to protect your homes from natural adversities. Be it the harsh weather condition or seasonal roughness, the tough sidings of your visually appealing homes will be at your rescue.

Equanimity roofing offers siding options like Cedar Shake, Aluminum, engineered wood, vinyl, stucco, and stones besides roof repair. Get a highly attractive and weather-resistant siding for your establishment at the best price with us.

Gutter Installation and Repairs

We understand that your commercial and residential spaces hold great value to you. To safeguard the structural strength, our experts deliver exceptional services in gutter installation and repairs besides other roof repairs in Alexandria, VA.

The commercial gutters are generally more elaborate in their styles and installation procedures. But with our services, you can relax and let our specialized experts get the gutter linings done. Residential gutters also help to protect the exterior designs and interior safety of your cozy dwelling space by channelizing the water off the roof.

Gutters should not only be specialized as per the establishment size but also according to the location. We help you with the procedure are just a click away, get a free consultation now!

Flashing Roof Repairs

Flashing is compulsory to prohibit any gaps on the exterior, for any projections involving chimneys, pipes, skylights, curbs, vents, doors, windows, walls, and others our roofers expertise in covering the sidelining areas. Flashing demands high skills that only professional roofers like us, can offer. Proper flashing prohibits the accumulation of moisture that can destroy the structure by formation of the cavity and crumbling of the exteriors. For regions in and around Alexandria, flashing the vulnerable junctions to prevent the penetration of water is essential.

To avail yourself of the premium services based on roofing and exterior solutions by excellent roofers, trust no other than Equanimity roofing. Call now @ for a free quote!

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