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Equanimity Roofing Company serves you with everything that your roofs demand. We dedicatedly work on both Commercial and Residential roofing projects in Northern Virginia, including multi-family homes. Our main aim is to offer a high quality of roofing services. We make it easy for our clients to select their desirous roofing style from our diversified range of products. Let us make the roof speak more about the work.

Equanimity Roofing is one of the best roofing contractors in Northern Virginia. We have been delivering the 703, 540, 571 area with our excellent workmanship for years. Whether it is a Roof Repair or Roof Replacement, excellence is what we work for.

When To Call Us?

You can pin your faith in Equanimity Roofing while looking for the best roofing contractor in Northern Virginia. You can count on us for any of these Roofing Services:

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    Roof Replacement

    Most people hardly think about their roofs until it springs a leak! A regular inspection is always beneficial to avoid a leaky roof. A timely roof replacement is what your establishment needs from you. The need to replace roofing is something that is impossible to avoid. There might be several reasons for replacing a roof that may vary among individuals. Suffice to say, roof replacement is a big decision involving a big investment too. Thereby authorizing your most important decision to the most responsible roofing contractor is all you need. Equanimity Roofing prides itself as one of the best roofing companies in Virginia by the virtue of its qualified roofers who not only inspect your roof to find any damage but also assist you with the best suggestions on whether to repair the roof or replace with a new one!

    Do not spend an unnecessary expense on replacing and installing a new roof when you do not need one. A roof can also come across some calamities. Even the most durable roof demands maintenance to withstand the natural adversities. A hail storm, rain or snow can curve your shingles, calling for a repair, not a big-budget replacement. Equanimity Roofing does not only work as one of the best roofing contractors but also as a good roofing adviser. We do not aim at robbing unnecessary money by drafting pricey receipts but focus on serving our clients with authentic and quality service.

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    Roof Installation

    If you are thinking of installing a new roof to your establishment, pass on the charge to us. Let our craftsmen relieve you from being bothered unnecessarily in choosing the type of roofing you want as well as the expense. We put forth affordable and winsome roofing ideas with excellent materials and quality service. Our skilled workmen are skilled enough to understand your choice and relish you with a highly advanced roofing experience. Turn your plan into a reality, by decorating your exterior with Equanimity Roofing. Not only the multiplicity of service but also the upgraded technologies to fill our working services . Check us out, to find what is new in the market. No matter what your pocket allows, we believe in serving the best.

Types of roofs we replace or install in Northern Virginia?

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    Flat Roofs

    The flexibility of a flat roof for some design limitations is somewhat commendable. The roofs termed as flat are not actually flat but are something having a slight roof pitch or an enough slope to drain water. Flat roofs can often be a thing of concern if not constructed effectively. If you are a flat roof lover, nothing to worry there. These roofs hold a big room for repairs. We are here with some amazing material options and best roofing techniques for your flat roof far beyond the old school hot-mopped roofing. We not only ensure you with a rich look but also deliver a highly reliable flat roof.

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    Slope Roofs

    Slope Roofs: Another roof adorning your homes is Slope Roofs which are also known as a pitched roof. If your home's upper terminal is a beautiful slope, it’s mandatory to maintain longevity. Slope roofs are something that let leaves, rains and snow come off easily. Being comparatively more insulating than flat roofs, this kind of roofing demands advance care. While going for sloping roof homeowners need to decide upon the variety of available roofing material. If you are stuck in choosing the best materials then let us do it for you. We put forward a wide variation of shingles ranging from basic (3-Tab or Architectura)l to higher quality (tile, slate, etc).


Unless you come across the obvious signs that can only be resolved with a new roof. You cannot be sure whether the Roof Replacement is actually what the time calls for. Inspect the roof yourself, and feel free to contact us if you find any of the signs below:

  • A storm damage
  • Adding up value to your home
  • An ugly worn roof
  • Multiple roof-leaks
  • Bald shingles
  • Shingles are torn out
  • Heavy moss or mold on shingles

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