Equanimity Roofing is here with a wide range of Shingles to embellish the homes of Northern Virginia area. Shingles are the most commonly used material in residential roofing today. There are many motives behind the recognition of shingle roofing, from ease of installation to low material cost. If one desires an insulated and protected roof, shingles are the things to be chosen.

Besides impacting the value of a building, Shingles are known for their rich appeal of residential and commercial establishments. While considering shingles in your next roofing substitute project, you ought to be aware of all the virtues of this precise roofing product.

After all, this is one of the most important investments you'll ever make to your home

Equanimity Roofing offers an extreme range of roofing shingles right from premium low cost shingles to advanced rich expensive shingles. Being the providers of Mule Hide, we extend a high quality service blended with the most experienced workmanship.

Why Choose us for Shingles in Northern Virginia?

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    Versatile designs

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    Wide variety of choices

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    Easy Price installation

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    Affordable and cost-effective

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    Low maintenance material

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    Easily fit on steep sloping

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    Thorough Inspection

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    Highly durable

Shingle Installer


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    Shingles made of three individual tabs are called 3-Tab shingles. Just like Architectural shingles, 3 Tabs roofing shingles are asphalt based shingles. These exterior materials are flexible in colors and are comparatively less expensive than architectural shingles. The wide variety in colors and designs of 3 TABS fits to all the kind tastes whether traditional or a modern.

    Tabs roofing shingles
    Tabs shingles
    Tabs roofing shingles Northern Virginia
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    If one wants to add beauty to the roof, shall go for the Architectural shingles. Architectural shingles are high quality shingles either dimensional or laminated. Architectural shingles are known for their heart winning and dramatic material. These are highly advanced and highest quality roofing products. These shingles speaks of the rich fibreglass mat base and ceramic coated mineral granules beautifully embedded over water-resistant asphalt. Architectural shingles gives a clear classy look to your homes.

    Architectural shingles
    best Architectural shingles
    Architectural shingles Northern Virginia
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    These shingles are smooth sawn, tapered and random width wooden tiles, They are normally used for home and commercial roofing, as well as covering for walls, solid roofs, summer homes shake is a rustic looking roofing shingle. It has been hand split, replicating the appearance of an ax or mallet cut. Beyond its particular aesthetic appeal, one of the primary benefits of a cedar shingle roof is its distinctly low weight in comparison to different roofing materials. Compared to clay tiles or slate roofing, cedar shingles weigh very little, but still provide adequate energy and moisture protection. This mild weight permits the cedar wooden shingles to be mounted on the preferred roof framing, with no need to add extra strength and support to the structure. They are hard and variable and almost always used for roofing.

    cedar shake shingles
    best cedar shake shingles
    cedar shake shingles Northern Virginia
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    Slate roofing shingles are said to be one of the maximum quality, most lasting roofing materials available on the market. On the opposite hand, the high value, hard installation, and relative fragility of slate roofing tile bring increased costs. Slate roofing tile has some large upsides, mostly due to the fact that it’s a natural stone product, giving it a unique, stunning appearance, and the durability that slate is well-known for. They have a classier, greater celebrated appearance. Furthermore, slate roofing tiles provide greater selections than maximum homeowners realize, available in various sizes and thicknesses, as well as a wide range of colors, The biggest gain is that it prevents fires resulting from airborne sparks from fireworks, wildfires, or from adjacent residence fires. Of course, slate shingles last five times longer than any other if hooked up correctly and maintained.

    Slate roofing shingles
    Best Slate roofing shingles
    Slate roofing shingles Northern Virginia
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    Tile roofing shingles are one of the most long-lasting roofing types you could install. When located on a mortar bed, the tiles are acknowledged to slide off after just a decade or so. Tiles aren’t very highly-priced to purchase depending on the form of tile you choose, but the installation will value you a premium. You also may need to pay to have your roof strengthened to deal with the burden of a brand new tile roof before it’s established. Like metallic roofing, some tile roof as a long way as lifespan goes and can last as long as 100 years with proper maintenance. Tile Roofing shingles are used broadly because they're a greater energy-efficient roofing option than asphalt or other roofing materials. Although the most normally diagnosed tile roof shingles are the “wave-shaped” Spanish tile, roofing tiles are available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. High-quality roofing tiles can ultimate for fifty years, a hundred years or longer. On its clay roof tile shingles.

    Tile roofing shingles
    Best Tile roofing shingles
    Tile roofing shingles Northern Virginia

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