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Sidings have been covering and protecting the exterior walls of our homes since always. Right from protecting the homes to beautifying the exterior sidings plays a vital role when comes to adding some rich value to our homes. Therefore, choosing the right siding is most important for the longevity of your home.

Primarily, the house siding is to preserve the homes from unwanted natural adversities. A good siding can always last long, irrelevant of the harsh climate whether it is hail storm, snow or rain. In cold climate, efficiently installed sidings over a well built wall protect the wall and keep the homes warm.

Broken or missing sidings can give an unpleasant view of the exterior. Thereby, regular maintenance is equally important as the selection of the right siding is. If looking for a right siding exterior, do not forget to choose the one that have right material and installation cost.

Sidings at Equanimity Roofing, offers several siding options like Cedar Shake, aluminium, engineered wood, vinyl, stucco and stones.


  • A good siding enhances the beauty of the establishments
  • The cost of sidings ranges for low to high making it flexible when it comes to budget
  • Few high quality sidings like vinyl do not require painting which cut the overall cost
  • Some fibre cement sidings can hold the colors for long reducing the high maintenance cost every year
  • A good siding can alone gives a good curb appeal to your home
  • The variety of siding adds variations in the benefits it gives, Insulated siding adds an extra layer to your establishments keeping them warm and protected.
  • Siding alone is responsible for deciding the looks of any establishment as it has the maximum share in the exterior.
  • A good siding can even manages your energy bills.


When you want to decorate your exterior with some cool stained sidings go for Cedar shakes siding. Cedar shake are used for an advanced texture varieties. Basically the cedar shakes are textured having a pleasant aroma when in it is in natural state. Cedar shake adds a textured and graining look to the well built walls of the establishments. The natural subtle aroma gives a differentiated touch to the cedar shake siding exterior. Cedar shake siding is a distinguishable siding products that helps your establishments to stand out of the common. Cedar Sake Siding are naturally antibacterial in nature thereby do not require excessive treatment. The rugged look covers the exteriors beautifully making it fascinating.

Advantage of Cedar Sake Siding

  • Cedar shakes are proven for adding value to the establishments.
  • Many cedar shake are great in when it comes to protection.
  • Cedar shakes have natural properties.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Highly resistant to the rain, snow and other climate conditions.
  • Cedar are heard to break therefore ensure longevity.
  • Highly attractive, especially white cedar become pleasing over time.
  • Cedar shake is mostly biodegradable giving you a green home.


Aluminium is another option to be considered for a highly durable siding. Aluminium siding is highly used exterior covering used to give a rich look to your establishments. Aluminium coating, certainly have an extra covering over it which delivers a variety in color. Coating may range from acrylic, polyester to vinyl. Resistance to the exposure makes this siding one of the most demanded siding material today. As Aluminium is prone to dent and scratches thereby demanding a good maintenance. While looking for a strong one, in affordable price, Aluminium siding is something to be considered.

Advantage of Aluminium Siding

  • Aluminium siding is excellent insulating siding.
  • Contains heavy gauge material.
  • Heavy metal ensures a high durability of siding.
  • Cut down the cooling or heating cost of the establishments.
  • Can work best as a long time siding.
  • Can be preferred as a best choice for coastal homes and establishments.
  • Aluminium siding can effectively withstand moisture.
  • Aluminium sidings offer you a water proof siding lasting at least for 40 year if taken care nicely.


Engineered wood siding is comparatively cost effective than the traditional sidings made of woods. The name speaks of engineering that is adds the look to the sidings. Engineered wood siding performs well while resisting the moisture and protecting the establishments. Unlike real wood sidings, engineered wood sidings are less expensive nut enhance the look not less than the real wood siding. A light weight material makes it easier to install. These artificial woods seek a good maintenance. Equanimity Roofing offer one with pre-primed, ready to paint or prefinished engineered wood siding choices.

Advantage of Engineered Wood Siding

  • Engineered wood sidings are more resistant to mildew, winds as well as rain than the natural wood.
  • Again this engineered wood is a good option of durable siding.
  • Engineered woods are easy to clean and can be maintained effectively.
  • Although it is less expensive than the real wood siding but gives the similar classy appearance to the exteriors.
  • Varies in appearance and looks giving a wide choice to the homeowners.


Vinyl sidings are something most in trend today. Vinyls are plastic sidings and are known for their dramatic appearance in an affordable price. Plastic siding is often cost-effective and highly valued. When deciding upon the weather proof sidings of exterior one can easily pick up the vinyl siding. Vinyl siding imitates the wood and give a pleasing touch to the exterior. This material is better than the aluminium sidings and seeks lesser cost than the expensive aluminium.

Advantage of Vinyl Sidings

  • Vinyl siding is comparatively more durable than aluminium siding.
  • This material is one of the best to withstand heavy rains, storms and extreme climate.
  • Vinyl does not give room to rusting or wrapping of siding.
  • Vinyl is best when it comes to imitating wood and give a rich look to the establishments.
  • Highly resistant to water.
  • There is nothing to worry about dents or expensive paints if your sidings are of Vinyl.
  • Vinyl siding do not split.


A highly durability can be ensured by stucco. Stucco is made up of Portland cement, sand, lime and water. When put over a lath base twice or thrice, stucco siding can give a solid and durable exterior. Stucco often demands multiple coating to land on higher level of longevity. In term of durability, stucco stands above the vinyl siding. Stucco can last for around fifty years on the exteriors. Stucco is the cheapest traditional siding among all. Stucco can be creative and enhance the home appeal at a cheaper cost.

Advantage of Stucco Siding

  • Stucco sidings are traditional sidings that are available at cheap prices.
  • Stucco performs excellently when it comes to craftwork and creativity.
  • Highly durable in nature and can last long.
  • Stucco is tinted to add paints.
  • Stucco is energy efficient than many energy non insulated exterior siding material.
  • Stucco is quite seamless.
  • If you not in mood on paying much on sidings, you may go for the primitive stucco siding.


Stone siding is a thin layering of stones on exteriors. Stones are being used as a decorative on the outer skin of your homes and establishments. They are preferred to get a traditional ethnic look on exteriors. Stone siding is not that great in bearing load. It is most popular and worth the heavy cost. Stone siding can be done with real stones which are far more expensive than the engineered stones. Stone siding is great to give a sophisticated look to the establishments.

Advantage of Stone Siding

  • Stone siding is highly durable.
  • They are available in variety of colors and textures.
  • Stone sidings gives a classy traditional look to the exteriors.
  • They are good resistant.
  • Delivers the best waterproof exterior.
  • Aesthetic appeal.
  • Stone siding are always long lasting .
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